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Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production
DIVINDUS – Local Industries Group –
Algerian EPE/SPA for the Production of Construction Materials-DIVINDUS-APMC
"الجزائرية لإنتاج مواد البناء"
Capital Social 2,251,900,000 DA

Insulation Services and Activities Unit


I.  U.SAI partnership with CARBOLINE and JOTUN 

As part of the NAFTAL / DIVINDUS Group agreement, the Unit intends to specialize in intumescent fireproofing by taking charge of the sphere feet of the NAFTAL GPL filling centers. To do this, meetings took place with the giants of the specialty such as CARBOLINE and JOTUN who have expressed their respective interest in supporting us in the implementation of their products. 

Clients satisfaction

Satisfying of our clients is our main goal.; USAI always aims to develop and improve its activities in the long run.

Attestations of good execution have been delivred from our clients such as :

  • client ENCC SPA unit SMIND: Supply & placement of cold heat removal on the pipes:
  • 16" 4,000 linear meter;
  • 18" 4,000 linear meter;

    For the project: ammonia transfer line from the factory (FERTIAL) to the port of ANNABA.

    • Client ENCC SPA SMIND unit: Supply & installation of sandblasting and painting of three LPG cigars (CO2, CO 4, CO8).
    • Client AMM divindus Furniture & Joinery: Cladding works, supply & installation of translucent.


    Through its Quality Management Service, the USAI Isolation Services and Activities Unit would like to draw attention to the crucial role it played in helping Ms. Dilmi Aicha Nessrine complete her study end project for a master's degree in project management at the National Higher School of Management.

    We sincerely congratulate the student for this remarkable achievement, and we are honored to have contributed to her academic development. We wish her a bright future full of success in his future projects.

    We wish her a bright future full of success in his future projects.

    Clients satisfaction

    We are delighted to share with you all important news for our Unit
    We recently received a certificate of good execution for our three insulation projects: Tnerkouk, Hassi Tidjerane and Hassi Ba Hmou, this recognition demonstrates the exceptional commitment of our team to quality, collaboration and success. We would like to express our gratitude to each of the project team members mentioned for their hard work and dedication. This certification reinforces our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional results for our customers and partners. Thank you all for your continued support, helping to make our Unit a leader in our field

    Project  hôpital de 120 lits à BARAKI

    As part of its strategic diversification, the USAI Insulation Services and Activities Unit, represented by its director, Mr. Mokdad Mourad, visited, accompanied by the Works Department, the project to build a hospital in 120 beds in BARAKI. This achievement is done in collaboration with the D.C.E.T Cosider Construction and will cover an area of 12,892.80 square meters.

    In the fire fighting framework 

    The company organized an awareness session on the use of fire extinguishers.

    Project  AÏN EL TÜRK-ORAN

    Conclusion of the contract relating to the rehabilitation of the family holiday center located in AÏN EL TÜRK-ORAN.

       I. Project planned for opening:


        - EPTV / Algiers Boulevard des Martyres (Liquid waterproofing); contract still pending and yet signed by us since January 2023; EPTV seized at the end of September without further action.

        - ENGTP / ZOTTI (Insulation); produced and invoiced;

        - INERKIB Mostaganem: cancellation of the ODS;

        - ENCC EL HAMIZ Mostaganem (02 Bins at the Mostaganem central station) negotiations are underway to obtain all of the bins at a discount. Made real. There remains the investment to cover the other Bacs.

        - NAFTAL / EL EULMA: Insulation works. Started work after inventory.

        - MUNATEC (sealing works): Biskra and Ouargla, to be planned.

        - MUNATEC (waterproofing work): BECHAR was canceled, building structure problem which requires lining (comfort);

        - ENCC / METALENG AIN ERNET: Insulation; opening before 12/31/2023;

        - CP1Z: planned  for the 15th of November 2023, currently running;

        - MGMC: Ain Turc, waterproofing works; advances received, ODS notified and installation planned for the first half of December 2023.

        - PETROFAC: AIN TSILA, Management / insulation, Not materialized due to lack of available labor coveted by our competitors.

        - COSIDER Bab Ezzouar: scheduled to open in 1 st week of December, masonry work.

        - A total subcontracting of strategy under our supervision is to be expected to acquire the skills, knowing that the BERRAKI project showed insufficiencies in terms of skills.